The benefits of streaming videos are as follows.

streaming versus downloading. Users don’t need to download videos to watch them.
high resolutions for playback. Up to 4K resolution is supported by some services, which is a better quality than the over-the-air TV resolution standard.
Price. Other streaming services rely on subscription models that may be less expensive than the typical cable subscription, while some video streaming services, like YouTube and Twitch, can be used for free.
Platform selection. Users have a variety of platforms to choose from when streaming videos. In order to compete with one another, streaming services for TV and movies frequently create exclusive content. In contrast to on-demand content, which is pre-recorded media, users can view livestreamed content whenever they want.
Contextual diversity. People can stream TV shows, movies, user-generated content from websites like YouTube, or livestream content online because the idea of video streaming is so broad.

Challenges with streaming video

However, the idea of video streaming is not without its difficulties. These consist of:

insufficient bandwidth More bandwidth is required to support the streaming of data with higher video quality. It may not be possible to stream higher quality content in 4K or other high resolutions if many devices use a lot of data at once.
slower client-side hardware Video streams may also start to sluggish or stop working if a device is older, is slowed down by software that is not optimised for it, or has too many processes running at once.
Copyright. Users of livestreamed video content, in particular, must be aware of the limitations on copyrighted content like music that can appear in their streams. On websites that host user-generated content, like YouTube and Twitch, this is a serious problem.
network delay The location of the servers and clients on the network can have an impact on latency. The data must travel a greater distance the further away the client and server are from one another.

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